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1. For a long period of time Latin was the language of Italy.
  A) liberal B) literal C) literary D) literacy
  2. We're looking for highly young people, with a genuine interest in their task.
  A) intelligent B) intelligence
  C) intellect D) intelligible
  3. The Japanese have no wish to Western social customs and attitudes.
  A) intimate B) imitate C) intimidate D) initiate
  4. The couple were cheered and on their arrival.
  A) slapped B) lapped C) clapped D) tapped
  5. At the time, the law gave women very little from violent husbands.
  A) protection B) investigation
  C) detection D) motivation
  1. 【C】
  2. 【A】
  3. 【B】
  4. 【C】
  5. 【A】
  1. detection n. 察觉,发觉
  protection n. 保护
  2. device n. 装置,设计,设备
  devise vt. 设计,发明,图谋
  revise vt. 修订,校订
  3. disguise v. 假装,伪装
  disgust ① vi. 令人厌恶,令人反感 ② vt. 使作呕
  4. exterior a. 外部的,外在的,表面的
  inferior a. 下等的,下级的
  interior a. 内部的,内的
  superior a. 较高的,上级的
  5. course n. 过程,经过;课程;一道菜
  cause n. 原因,动机,理由 vt. 引起,使发生
  6. flesh n. 肉,(供食用的)兽肉,肉体, vt. 以肉喂(猎犬等),使肥,赋以血肉 vi. 长胖
  fresh a. 新鲜的,无经验的,生的, adv. 最新地,刚刚 n. 开始,泛滥
  flash n. 闪光,闪现,一瞬间 vi. 闪光,闪现,反射,使迅速传遍 vt. 使闪光,反射 a. 闪光的,火速的
  7. gasp vi. 喘息,气喘 vt. 气吁吁地说
  grasp vt. 抓住,抓紧,掌握,领会 n. 抓住,抓紧,掌握,领会
  8. cling vi.(clung)粘紧,附着;坚持(常与to连用)
  fling vt.(flung)(用力)扔,掷,扑
  9. worship n. 崇拜,礼拜,尊敬 vi. 敬神,拜神 vt. 崇拜,尊敬
  workshop n. 车间,工场
  warship n. 军舰,战船
  10. change n. 改变,变化,转变,找回的零钱 vt. 改变,变革,改造,兑换
  charge n. 负荷,电荷,费用,主管,掌管 v. 装满,控诉,收费
  chant n. 圣歌
  What's the big question US presidential candidates should be asking themselves? Is my name short enough? So if you want to find a way of forecasting(预测)who is going to win the race for the presidency, look at the lengths and origins of their names. The pattern since World War II has been for candidates with increasingly short, poster-friendly names. And preferably sounding like they could be the lead characters in a mini-series.
  1. candidate: n. 候选人,投考者
  【同义词】applicant 申请人
  2. pattern: n. 模[典]范,榜样 one's pattern of behavior 一个人的行为特点
  3. character: n. 身份,角色,能力 in his character as the father 以父亲的身份
  1. She a method for quicker communications between offices.
  A) devices B) revises C) devises D) invokes
  2. The FBI say the hijackers were very likely to have been .
  A) disguised B) disgusted
  C) distinguished D) disposed
  3. She always acts so to everyone else.
  A) exterior B) interior C) inferior D) superior
  4. This plane is in the of the flight.
  A) course B) cause C) source D) divorce
  5. The Great Wall was made not only of stone, but of the and blood of millions of men.
  A) fish B) fresh C) flesh D) flash
  6. Female workers like to in the office.
  A) gasp B) grasp C gossip D) gasoline
  7. A Swedish wanted to join Napoleon's Army.
  A) granted B) greatness C) gigantic D) great
  8. He came back last night.
  A) late B) later C) lately D) latterly
  9. He injured his hands in the .
  A) worship B) workshop
  C) warship D) relationship
  10. He is in of this bothering task.
  A) change B) charge C) chant D) chard
  Can not be bought, can not be sold, even if it's made of gold.


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