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 1. You have been the task of keeping the records up to date.
  A) signed B) assigned
  C) resigned D) designed
  2. Mary wouldn't do her homework until I her with ice cream.
  A) bride B) Bible C) bribed D) cribbed
  3. The waiter brought the first , a simple leek and potato soup.
  A) course B) curse C) coarse D) cruise
  4. He was a man of strong social , who actively campaigned against poverty in all its forms.
  A) conscious B) consciousness
  C) conscience D) conscienceless
  5. I some of my time and energy to collecting money for the poor Christians.
  A) delicious B) dedicate C) design D) delicate
  1. 【B】
  2. 【C】
  3. 【A】
  这一题的难点单词在于coarse,它看上去很像一个名字,但是不要被它迷惑了,其实它是一个形容词,意为"粗糙的";选项A. course,同学们都知道它是"过程,经过,课程"的意思,但是不要忽略了它另外一个意思,那就是"一道菜";curse意为"咒骂",名词和动词同形,cruise意为"巡游"。正确答案为A,题目译文为:侍者上了第一道菜:韭菜和土豆汤。
  4. 【C】
  5. 【B】
  1. consent vi.(to)同意,赞成
  contend v.(against, for, with)斗争,竞争
  content ① n. 内容,容量,目录,满足 ② a. 满足的,满意的,愿意的 ③ vt. 使满足
  2. denote vt. 指示,表示
  donate v. 捐赠,赠予
  devote vt. 投入于,献身
  3. explicit a. 明确的;清楚的
  implicit a. 暗含的;含蓄的
  4. incur vt. 招致;惹起
  occur vi. 发生,出现;(与to连用)想起,想到
  5. mass n. 块,大多数;(the mass)群众,民众
  mess ① n. 混乱,脏乱 ② v. 弄乱
  6. staff ① n. 全体职员;全体工作人员 ② vt. 提供人员;安置职员
  stuff ① n. 原料,材料,素材,资料 ② vt. 塞满,填满,填充
  7. statue n. 雕像,塑像
  status n. 身份,地位,情形,状况
  8. virtual a. 实际上的;事实上的
  virtue n. 德行,美德
  9. principal ① a. 主要的,首要的 ② n. 负责人,首长,校长
  principle n. 法则,原则,原理
  10. moral a. 道德(上)的,精神的
  mortal a. 致命的
  The conflict between the time we want off and the guilt we feel when we actually surrender(投降,自首)to leisure is a long-running battle. But it has gone to absurd degrees. It's an unstable economy, driven by 24-7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) technology and an over-scheduling craze. It has made many feel as if their free moments are a form of truancy(逃避).
  1. conflict n. & v. 斗争,冲突 conflict of interest 利益冲突
  2. absurd a. 荒谬的,可笑的 Don't be absurd! 不要胡闹!
  3. unstable a. 不牢固的,不稳定的 unstable weather 不稳定的天气
  【反义词】stable 稳定的
  1. We'll be with a respectable result in tomorrow's match.
  A) consented B) content
  C) context D) contending
  2. The English word "family" used to all the people in the house, including servants.
  A) denote B) donate C) devote D) dial
  3. Be when you talk about money with your family.
  A) explicit B) implicit
  C) complicated D) complicit
  4. The force of that competition is indicated by the costs that firms and the fees that they charge clients.
  A) concur B) incur C) occur D) carriage
  5. There was a of people around the club entrance.
  A) mass B massive C) mess D) mission
  6. The clinic is by retired doctors.
  A) stiff B) scolded C) stuffed D) staffed
  7. Many mothers feel that they have very low in today's society.
  A) station B) status C) statue D) states
  8. Finding a cheap place to rent is a impossibility in this area.
  A) virtue B) virtual C) virginal D) various
  9. His reason for making the journey was to visit his family.
  A) principle B) principally
  C) principal D) principled
  10. It is easy to have an opinion on a issue like the death penalty for murder.
  A) merchant B) moral C) mass D) mortal
  What gets whiter the dirtier it gets?


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